Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cat found not guilty

Today POPLA ruled that a registered keeper's cat should be found not guilty of all parking charges.

The appellant asserted his cat had driven to Staples. The Staples parking attendant, despite searching the store diligently, could not find the driver. Presumably this was because they did not look under the shelves. Maybe the cat was playing with the mice in the computer department. Possibly even, the cat was in the warehouse having a quick kip, as cats do. In any case the operator could not come with a pre-estimate of loss justification.

No doubt CPS Midlands will think twice before purr-suing any feline drivers in the future.

The Prankster notes this case was filed on 31 May and it took 88 days to complete. The nominal target is 35 days, and the POPLA KPI set by the BPA is 44 days. Thus POPLA are still well behind schedule and do not yet seem to be eating into the backlog. The Prankster's last two decisions took 83 and 91 days, and he has outstanding cases which have been waiting for 126, 103 and 78 days.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

The Prankster would like to thank the cat lover who sent him this. See post #206

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  1. They think you're a pussy.

    What a catastrophe !