Sunday, 13 July 2014

Will AS Parking give out their first POPLA code?

This thread on pepipoo details a motorist's attempt to appeal to AS Parking against a charge issued for having a wheel over the white line.

So far, the appeal has been rejected, but no POPLA code has been forthcoming.

POPLA's 2013 annual report showed that no AS Parking appeals made it to POPLA between inception and end March 2013.

Similarly POPLA's 2014 annual report showed that no AS Parking appeals made it to POPLA between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2014.

Will this motorist be the first to chisel a POPLA code out of Kevin McManus, director of AS Parking? Kevin's dislike of POPLA has been well documented on the Linkedin website, although it is not immediately what his objections are seeing as he has apparently never yet had a case go to POPLA.

The Prankster checked AS Parking's web site and also the POPLA annual reports to see if there were possibly any other trading names used which could account for any POPLA appeals, but none were apparent.

Edit: Update. ParkingAppealsService confirm they already have some POPLA codes from AS Parking, so this motorist will not be the first. The Prankster wonders if the POPLA Annual Report has accidentally missed out AS Parking.

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  2. AS have lost at POPLA, what a shame!

    Details here,

    Never mind Kev, a few extra shifts on the door will soon make it up