Saturday, 12 July 2014

UKPS employee accused of taking data from ANPR Ltd

The Prankster has received information from ANPR Ltd stating that a former employee has been reported to the police for taking software, bank and credit card statements, and his franchise agreement from the offices of ANPR Ltd. The employee has been reported to Preston police and there is a crime reference associated.

The employee has since joined UKPS, where he is alleged to have shown off the stolen documents to other employees. He has also taken several of his old accounts over to UKPS, which may or may not be in violation of the franchise agreement. Unlike ANPR Ltd, UKPS apparently offer cash kick-backs to the land owner for paid tickets.

The employee was a franchisee of ANPR Ltd, operating a number of car parks. In January this year he resigned and the same day the franchise agreement was noticed to be missing from the office filing cabinet.

The parking charge notices issued by UKPS are extremely similar to those issued by ANPR Ltd; so similar, that the stolen software may have been used to create them.

The Prankster asked if the employee would like to put his side of events, but received a series of intriguing emails instead.
I'm sure an intelligent man like yourself will not be the one to fire our Trev's bullets which are tinged with distorted facts manifested in his head. Fueled by a narcissistic personality disorder of the nth degree.Lets face it to turn to a nemesis figure reeks of desperation.
No case to answer
This email also contained part of The Spider and The Fly poem.
No, powder will be kept dry!
Will be nice  seeing poacher and gamekeeper in bed together.
Keep up the good work.
The Prankster wonders if tickets issued by UKPS are enforceable if they have been generated using stolen software or are on sites 'poached' in violation of a franchise agreement.

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  1. Sorry but who gives a toss? It is basic knowledge that those parking companies are shysters so it is not surprising that they also try and cheat against one another.

  2. No honor amongst thieves eh? My heart bleeds for them

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  4. My goodness, if they are accused of stealing ANPR's intellectual property how thick must they be? Possibly the worst outfit out there, could you pick a worse model to emulate?