Saturday, 19 July 2014

Prankster's brother accused of staying a day in local motorway services

The Parking Prankster's had a worried phone call from his brother this week .Apparently he received a parking charge from CP Plus accusing him of staying in Leigh Delamere services on the M4 overnight.

The Prankster knows this site well, having been issued with several tickets from CP Plus in the past. The ANPR system is clearly defective, issuing tickets for one long stay when The Prankster's vehicle made two visits. This is known as a double-dipping error. The Prankster has large numbers of photographs of his vehicle in other places at the time when CP Plus accused it of being in their car park. The photogaphs have embedded time and GPS information, and for good luck, The Prankster also has some video of his car also showing the date and time on Sky TV, and footage of the FA Cup final, which would seem to be conclusive enough proof to the most jaded of disbelievers that the ANPR on this site is prone to double-dipping errors.

After investigation, this is also what happened with The Prankster's brother. The driver, who was not his brother, visited the services, which are close to their house, on one day, and again a day later. CP Plus's defective ANPR systems missed out on one or more of the first exit and second entry.

Unfortunately for The Prankster's brother, he does not go around photographing and videoing his own vehicle if it is likely that a double dipping error will occur. However, he does have witnesses from his whole family that they were all tucked up safely to sleep that night with the vehicle parked in its usual place outside.

The Prankster has therefore advised his brother to appeal on the grounds that two visits occurred. If this fails, The Prankster will be helping with the POPLA appeal, and a stern letter to the landowner, MOTO.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. lol its almost as if theres a mob hit out on you...

    They cant get to you so they're targeting your family

  2. That's a bit worrying for anyone whose family can't verify they were at home that night. They could be accused of having an affair and it could result in divorce, all because of a faulty camera system