Friday, 25 July 2014

UK Parking Solution claim an unlikely amount of experience

Parking Company UK Parking Solution are claiming an unlikely amount of experience on their website.

UK Parking Solution is one of the UK's fastest growing car park management company. The directors of the company have over 27 years combined experience & extensive knowledge of all aspects of good car park management on private land.

This seems a flight of fancy. Lower down, the page shows 'UK Parking Solutions is only a trading name of TR Luckins Ltd.
TR LUCKINS LIMITED trading as UK Parking Solutions
Registered Office: Carlton House, Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire NN10 8 BW
TR Luckins only has one director, Thomas Roy Luckins, who appears to be 21 years old. That leaves the company 6 years shy of experience even if Mr Luckins started issuing tickets in the delivery room.

The company did have another director, Thomas's father Graham John Luckins, who is 50. However, Graham only lasted one day before retiring.

Telling porkies is sadly par for the course in the parking industry; there is even a name for it - ParkingLies.

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  1. I see that they "warn off would be rouge parkers". Does that mean that if you are any colour but red you will be OK?

    I also see that they are associated with the parking "charity" DMUK which seems to get into bed with quite a few dodgy PPCs.

  2. Maybe they are confusing actual directors with shadow directors?

  3. Are any PPCs known for having a good grasp of simple mathematics???

  4. UK Parking Solutions Ltd was set up in January. They seem to be a bit confused as whether they're trading as Solution or Solutions.Of course his dad is still Director of Parking Control (UK) Limited but the Notice of Striking-Off Action has been suspended again for some reason.

  5. Well they are not the only ones making claims like this

    We are members of the British Parking Association, and have over 22 years of experience,


  6. UK Parking Solutions Ltd [Incorporation No: 08861260 - Jan. 2014] - not to be confused with T R Luckins Ltd [their assoc'd Co. which trades under same name as newer Ltd. Co. hasn't yet got Approved Operator status, at least on the BPA listing. The Luckins' Co's. have same Reg'd Office and Dir. though (i.e. young Thomas Roy Luckins). Thomas is also Dir. of Interglobal Security Services Ltd - as at 2/2015.
    Note - they haven't changed their enforcement stationery (PCN's) nor Sales or website data re: their formal correspondence address {P.O. Box 7637, NN9 5ZP} - even though it's been Invalid with Royal Mail since Dec. 2014!!
    Ssssooo unprofessional! No space here to list the ways in which they DON'T comply with POPLA's or the BPA's Code of Practice