Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Highview and CP Plus dredge up old cases

The Prankster has previously lost a few POPLA cases while trying single point defenses out for the benefit of other motorists. These were all double dipping cases where flaws in the operators' ANPR technology meant they recorded one long stay rather than two short stays.

Following these cases, The Prankster produced digital photographs with embedded geo-location evidence proving his vehicle was elsewhere when the operators claimed he was parked. The operators then went quiet, apart from muttering darkly that POPLA had found in their favour so it wasn't fair for The Prankster to do this...

...until today, 9 months later, when The Prankster got a nice surprise in his mailbox.

Both CP Plus and Highview Parking use the same third party, Ranger Services, to process their charges for them, which is why the two letters are almost identical, the signatures are the same and the address to reply to is the same.

CP Plus do appear to have negotiated a somewhat worse deal with Ranger Services than Highview; their charge has increased from £100 to £140, while Highview have gone from £100 to £120. Perhaps CP Plus should ask Ranger Services why they charge them £40 to send a letter, while Highview only get charged £20.

In any case, it will put them on the spot when they try and justify their pre-estimate of loss calculations as to why the identical services company is charging half the price to their competitors for exactly the same service.

The Prankster has sent a stiff rebuttal, reminding them the vehicle was not parked in the car park and so there was no breach of contract. He has invited them to cancel the charge or issue a letter before claim compliant with practice directions.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Ooooohhhh.
    Hope it goes to court.

    Fraudstoppers will love it.

  2. The Prankster has plenty of time to prepare his defence. There's still the block capitals letter and the red highlighted letter to come yet.