Thursday, 24 July 2014

Cambridge judge fooled by ParkingEye lies

It seems like judges in Cambridge are building up a reputation for being easily fooled by ParkingEye.

In this latest case ParkingEye issued a ticket for a time when the vehicle was not even there. This is a well-know scam of theirs, with plenty of reported instances in The Prankster's blog and papers all over the country.

The scam works when vehicles visit twice but the cameras for whatever reason do not read the number plate correctly for each visit. The most common reason is if the plate is obscured by a pedestrian or other vehicle, but can also be due to a misread - number plate recognition is only required to be 85% accurate.

Most judges are wise to this scam, and several court cases have been dismissed when ParkingEye tried this on.

However, judges in Cambridge are gaining a reputation for being particularly gullible, willing to swallow whatever nonsense ParkingEye spoons down their throat.

In this particular case the motorist even had a witness to the fact the vehicle visited twice. However, sadly the first hearing was adjourned. When the case was finally heard, the witness was out of the country and not available.

Deputy District Judge Beamish preferred to believe the lies from ParkingEye's paid stooge from LPC Law, rather than the truth from the motorist, and enforced the claim.

Prankster Analysis

Just because your witness is not physically available does not mean they cannot be used. Get the witness to write a short witness statement, and submit this as evidence. The statement should contain the name and address of  the witness, numbered statements, and be signed and dated as a statement of truth.

The Prankster website also contains technical papers you can submit as evidence to show how the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) scam works, and lists of cases where judges have recognised the scam and thrown the case out.

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