Wednesday, 30 July 2014

CP Plus trial new X-ray cameras

The Prankster has previously blogged that ANPR cameras are inherently flawed because they do not have X-ray capability. They can therefore miss vehicles entering or leaving if the number plate is blocked, resulting in a parking charge being issued for one long stay even if two short stays actually occur. Parking operators therefore need to be sensitive to this, and cancel tickets when this occurs.

It looks like CP Plus have tried to address this problem and are trialing cameras with X-Ray vision, capable of seeing through solid objects. Here is part of a parking charge issued using one of the new cameras.

The new camera can apparently see right through the leaf and read the number plate, and so CP Plus issued a charge to the vehicle they thought it belonged to.

As it happens there may be a few teething problems with the new technology. The keeper of the car which was charged knew the vehicle was not parked at the times alleged and so has appealed.

Anyone else who has received a ticket at Leigh Delamere service station on the M4 may want to send this picture in to POPLA to prove that the set up is flawed and that CP Plus is liable to issue tickets for two stays when only one occurred. Vehicle entry and exits will be missed due to the camera being obscured.

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  1. It would be much better if your picture also showed the up close of the number plate - what does this one say?