Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Prankster asks ParkingEye to cease and desist

ParkingEye have now sent sent 3 love letters to The Parking Prankster, via their legal growl-tigers, Hill Dickinson. The Prankster has replied to all three, fully rebuffing them. However, ParkingEye have never replied.

The first letter concerned a matter ParkingEye stated was a police matter, but they have never provided any crime reference or indeed any details.

The second concerned a trademark, which on investigation did not appear to belong to the complainant.

The third contained allegations of defamation. However, ParkingEye knew full well that all The Prankster's statements were true, which of course is a defence against defamation.

It is clear therefore that these are not legitimate concerns of ParkingEye, but merely a campaign to bully and harass The Prankster, in an attempt to intimidate him and cause him to rack up legal costs. In light of ParkingEye's unpleasant habit of firing off letters without ever replying to The Prankster, The Prankster has finally asked ParkingEye to cease and desist.

Should ParkingEye wish to communicate further with The Prankster, he reminds them he does not live or work in England and is not subject to English law.

As a matter of fact, he is currently in Romania, helping co-ordinate activities for several dog-rescue charities. No doubt ParkingEye can track him down if they ever want to apologise.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Harassment is not a civil offence - it is a criminal offence in the UK. perhaps this should be pointed out to PE and their pack.


      It can be either.

    2. Thank you very much for the clarification

  2. Love the reply, you are obviously causing them concern

  3. I really don't know why you feel it necessary to claim legal immunity due to your residential address.
    They'd make themselves look really stupid taking legal action anyway. Defamation and libel wouldn't stand in court as you point out everything you said was truthful. Even if they managed to prove it they couldn't achieve any real monetary value as compensation.

    1. You mean more stupid than they already look? They won't take legal action. The only point of these letters is to harass and bully. This is of course, the ParkingEye way and their corporate mindset. As their letters take time and energy to deal with, I would prefer not to receive them, so it makes sense to warn then that writing is futile. Of course, as ParkingEye show no respect for proper legal process, they may write anyway. Or of course, Hill Dickinson may choose to trouser whatever cash ParkingEye bung their way to keep writing, although presumably there is some duty to warn their client this is the equivalent of tipping money down the drain.

  4. are a hero to us lesser mortals!!!

    Keep up the good fight.

  5. Arkell Pressdram, that one's filed for future reference