Wednesday, 7 May 2014

BPA Ltd refuses to take responsibility for policing its members

This post on MoneySavingExpert shows that the parking company UKCPS are refusing to accept an appeal even though it was made by the registered keeper within the allowed* 28 days. UKCPS stated in their notice to keeper they will only accept an appeal from the registered keeper if the car was sold or stolen. UKCPS have been warned many times about this behaviour yet continue. They continue because the BPA Ltd is toothless and refuses to enforce its own code of practice. This means that UKCPS can get away with this and other breaches with complete impunity, knowing that large numbers of motorists will be conned into thinking they cannot appeal.

If the British Parking Association Limited continues to allow UKCPS to send out this wording on its notice to keepr, then the DVLA should seriously consider whether the BPA Ltd can retain its ATA (Accredited Trade Association) status. The BPA Ltd is clearly not doing its job properly.

To bring repeated failures of the BPA Ltd to police its own members to the attention of the DVLA, please email all evidence to

Make sure Mr Dunford understands you are bringing a complaint against both the BPA Ltd and the parking company. If he tries to skim over your complaint, escalate to the head of the DVLA, Oliver Morely

To complain to the BPA Ltd about the parking company, email

Make sure you inform them you have also contacted the DVLA regarding their failure to police their members.

A large number of MPs are interested in the lack of control the BPA Ltsd has over its own members. To contact your MP, use this handy site:

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

*This is a self-imposed deadline decided by a committee of parking companies and has no legal standing.


  1. I refer to call them not members, but owners LOL

    How anyone can think that there is any credibility in an industry, that self-regulates using funds from those that are enforced against is beyond me. Saddam would be proud ;)

  2. It's not just ukcps doing this, but PCN (NW) who are members of the IPC