Thursday, 8 May 2014

ParkingEye charge motorist for one long stay - but he was in two different car parks

ParkingEye's quality assurance team have blundered again, issuing a ticket to a motorist who actually visited two different car parks. ParkingEye's quality assurance team make up to 19 checks on each vehicle image before issuing a parking charge. Obviously none of these checks are that the images come from the same car park.

One car park was the Southbound services at Rivington on the M61. The other was the Northbound. The motorist spent money at both services and also visited his parents in between.

Despite providing this overwhelming evidence they had made a mistake, ParkingEye at first refused to cancel the charge. No doubt the regular howlers the installation team make are kept well away from the appeals team. It was only following a second letter that ParkingEye grudgingly cancelled.

The motorist drove North, stopping for a cup of coffee and to use the cash machine, then visited his parents for tea. He then left to pick his girlfriend up from work, returning South where he stopped to refuel on the way.

The exit ANPR cameras on the Northbound services are on the passenger side of the road. The exit ANPR cameras on the Southbound services are on the driver side. The second photograph is therefore clearly taken from the Southbound exit and not the Northbound, proving that the system is flawed.

The Prankster would be interested in hearing from other motorists who have been charged for one long stay while actually visiting two different car parks.

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The Parking Prankster


  1. Of course what really happened was that the motorist got his car up the stairs, over the footbridge and down the other side which would take hours. Or, his car was abducted by aliens. Both of course much less plasuible stores in the eyes of Parking Eye than that he hadn't actually done anything wrong.

  2. Haa i wonder how many other fair paying customerss have done this and been hooked by PE and paid up?

  3. Knutsford Services M6 have a similar system, No different computers for the N/B or S/B sides. Cover plate on exit 1 and entry 2 and you got one.