Sunday, 29 September 2013

Prankster story on Daily Mail. Airport slammed by Nick Smith, MP

The Mail on Sunday picked up the story regarding VCS and their pay to play activity at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport. Nick Smith MP attacked the parking charges as predatory.

A VCS spokesman said: ‘If people receive notices it is because they have not followed the clear warnings and signs on site.’

Alas, if only this were true. If VCS were to put up clear signs and warning that would eat into their loot, so it is not likely to happen. At 10 tickets per days they would rake in over £300,000 a year, so there is no incentive to actually warn motorists.

The airport state that tickets are issued on safety grounds to prevent accidents.

The Prankster is interested in seeing statistics on tickets issued since the contract started on 28 June 2012. If they have not gone down over the year, then the strategy is clearly not working and should be revised. Perhaps introducing clear signage would be a good start. Perhaps removing the one car parked on the roads day in and day out would also be a contribution to safety. On the other hand, if no accidents have ever been caused by the camera car, perhaps parking is not a safety issue after all.

Shock horror...perhaps this is just a revenue generator and not to do with safety after all.

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