Monday, 2 September 2013

CP Plus disregard Smart Parking. Quadruple dipping stand-off.

In the most exciting game of parking poker to date, CP Plus have decided to disregard Smart Parking, as they have no relationship with that company.

This follows their decision to disregard The Parking Prankster's appeal points, ruling that he never appealed.

CP Plus are raising the art of disregarding to new levels.

This arose when The Parking Prankster decided to sent CP Plus some pictures taken of his vehicle by Smart Parking. Co-incidentally, the time these pictures were taken were during the time CP Plus allege The Prankster was parked in a different car park. Obviously The Prankster must have quadruple dipped that day.

Here is the notice from CP Plus.

And here is the one from Smart Parking.

The Prankster considers he could not have been at MOTO Leigh Delamere West between 12:52 and 17:40 if he was photographed arriving at ASDA Bedminster at 13:58.

CP Plus thought otherwise, ruling that as they have no relationship with Smart Parking they have disregarded the document. The Prankster wonders if that will be a new valid POPLA defence; if motorists have no relationship with the parking company, they can from now on disregard any document sent to them.

The state of play is now getting quite difficult to keep track of. The Prankster has complaints in with the BPA Ltd, the Credit Services Association and has raised his bid to Debt Recovery Plus, pointing them in the direction of the practice directions for pre-court actions. Meanwhile, CP Plus are keeping a poker face.

More when it happens!

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Oh this is making my head spin!
    So have you sent Smart Parking the CP Plus notice/photos?
    It could cause heartbreak if Smart Parking didn't know CP Plus was telling everyone the weren't in a relationship anymore, so sad.

    1. Smart Parking cancelled the charge back in May. Obviously, they still believe they are in a relationship with CP Plus. I don't have the heart to let them know the cruel truth.

  2. It must be awful having your love letters ignored. Especially when you have written 'Do Not Ignore' on them. Plenty more fish as they say. I hear Parking Eye are on the market again and they are partial to a bit of casual invoicing.

  3. How did you manage to get to Leigh Delamere West twice a day? Been busy?

    Anyways, you'll like to know that unfortunately CP Plus cameras at Magor Services don't seem to work - or they don't seem to consider double dipping. I tried several variations with Magor given I'm there quite often but nothing triggered one of their love letters. Otherwise it would have been even better: get a PCN from MOTO Leigh Delamere whilst you were parked at MOTO Magor. Definitely worth the £6.20 on the toll road :)

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