Sunday, 8 September 2013

In out, in out, shake it all about (2)

Apparently ParkingEye really have been given the boot from The Range, St Helen's, after all.

The Prankster first blogged about this here...

Then noted he might be wrong here...

Now a pepipoo post bought to his attention by DBC suggests that he was right after all.

Post #11 on the thread notes that CARE Parking have now taken over the site; this does not seem to be an improvement.

The new incumbents have changed the car park rules, but have not given any notice period or warning of the change, and are now penalising motorists for 'leaving the site'.

Perhaps ParkingEye were given the boot for this reason, and not because they are overly aggressive, have an incompetent legal department, don't believe in obeying BPA Ltd signage requirements or use systems that do not work properly. ParkingEye only provide camera enforcement and do not provide 'bodies on the ground', so can never enforce 'leaving the site' regulations. CARE Parking have stepped in to fill the gap.

The Prankster notes that the new operators have generated quantities of irate customers at The Range, and that the customer service counter has been left to sort this out as the parking operators unpaid front line.

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  1. This could be a planning issue. If the planning permission for the car park was only ever for customers of the Range then Parking Eye's system of enforcement (ANPR capture of vehicles only)created a public car park by default, because people could park there and shop elsewhere with apparent impunity. This would have meant that there had been a 'change of use' without planning???

  2. Hey prankster

    Do u ever goto court and help people

    1. I do. Please contact me via my email address, prankster at