Sunday, 8 September 2013

In out, in out, shake it all about (1)

The FoI request for the BPA Ltd AOS minutes that was pulled from the website has now reappeared.

The Prankster first blogged about this here.

Then he noted they had been removed...

...and now they are back.

Apparently they were removed because the redaction had been done in an amateurish way and anyone with IT skills* could completely unredact the document. Oopsie.

This of course left the DVLA with something of a dilemma. They redacted the information because they ruled that it was personal. Having unwittingly released it anyway, they were now in breach of the data protection act. In a typical example of absurd logic they decided to rectify the situation by now publishing the complete unredacted document including all personal information. They then ruled that as they had retrospectively decided that all information could be published, no data breach had occurred and they did not need to report themselves to the ICO.


The Prankster's mind is now boggled.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

* To the level of cut and paste


  1. Surely someone must make a call to the ICO.

    Just to clarify things, you understand...not to get BPA into a spot of bother [£150k fine anyone??]

  2. Can I just say in 'our' defence, DVLA Towers have been seriously effected by the repeated filming of Dr Who episodes to such an extent that we now exist in a parallel universe of Utopia. In our reality nothing we do is ever wrong and the 'truth' is now made of some type of strange elastic and shape shifting material. This means that whatever we say it is always the truth. Once you grasp this amazing concept it really is easy to understand how apparently conflicting statements are - well - not!!