Sunday, 1 September 2013

ParkingEye removed from The Range, St Helen's

ParkingEye have apparently been given the push from The Range, St Helen's, according to this post here.

A manager at Tesco stated that the landowner had ordered ParkingEye to remove all their equipment.

ParkingEye are one of the most aggressive of the parking companies, using bullying tactics, writing over the top legal letters, pretending that large costs will apply and failing to abide by the court's Practice Directives, They pursue people to court when they are disabled, breastfeeding, broken down in the car park, unable to pay due to broken machines. Hardly any of their car parks have entrance signs which comply with the BPA Ltd code of practice, they ignore the CoP as it suits them, attempting to force the BPA Ltd to change the rules when they do not like them. They selectively misquote documents at court and use dodgy witness statements without fully identifying the witness or proving they are suitably qualified. Their legal department is in disarray, sending letters to the wrong people, failing to send out letters at all, providing details of one case to another, and deciding not to cancel court cases when they have settled or when the landowner has asked them to cancel the ticket.

The Parking Prankster has no idea whether any of these reasons are why the boot was applied, but if anyone knows would be happy to clarify.


  1. Well we all know that Rachel ledson is a witch in her spare time living near the pendle hills as she does. Evil evil women

  2. Let's hope they have made a better job of ending the contract than Somerfield did!

  3. I think the Lake District National Park Authority also gave PE the boot for the way they were harassing their visitors.