Wednesday, 4 September 2013

ParkingEye back at the Range, St Helen's?

A different post on Pepipoo states that ParkingEye are only temporarily gone from the Range, St Helen's.

Apparently the cameras are only down while the electrics to the new McDonald's are connected.

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  1. This just in from PePiPoo:-
    "Update on The Range in St Helens.
    The car park is now being administered by CARE PARKING / Anchor Car Park Services
    The change over happened last Sunday 1st September after the store closed. A friend not knowing that there was a change parked in the car park on Thursday. She left the car park but was back well within the allotted time to find a parking charge notice on her windscreen. The envelope had been put there less than 5 minutes from her leaving the car. The conditions of parking had changed! All the notices had been changed to say YOU MUST STAY ON SITE WHILE YOUR CAR REMAINS IN THE CAR PARK. Surely this is not enforceable.
    As you can imagine there were some irate customers at the customer service counter this morning but the staff were taking note of all those who had received the charges and were sympathetic, even hinting that the situation would not last much longer. The selected cars seemed to be targeted at random."