Wednesday, 9 November 2016

PCMUK - You've been Gladstoned. No evidence of contravention

Brentford 09-11-2016 C6GF83V1  Parking Control Management (UK) v Mr C
Mr C represented himself. Georgina Philpot, a PCMUK employee, represented PCMUK.

Mr C binned everything PCMUK had sent up to the claim form, as he mistakenly believed it was to do with another matter.

The PCMUK evidence pack included some kind of notice of keeper liability sent a long while after the incident. Georgina Philpot tried to squeeze a copy of the supposed original NTK into the hearing but the judge was not even remotely impressed and dismissed the claim as there was not so much as a shred of evidence to show that they had even sent it within 14 days (there was no window ticket).

The judge gave Georgina Philpot a pretty good talking to about it, which was amusing for those not the subject of the tongue lashing. PCMUK's preparation was distinctly half-baked and before the hearing even got going Georgina Philpot had to ask the judge to replace one of the pictures of a sign from the judges evidence pack with one from the defendant.

Sadly from the defendant's point of the view the case never got as far as the 'no contract' argument he wanted to raise regarding their absurd signage, but as the defendant said, "A win's a win".

Prankster Note

Georgina Philpot runs this side of the PCMUK operation, and is their Legal & Debt Recovery Manager. So, while she may have had a nice day out in London, she will have to carry the can for the brunt of the incompetence. Nevertheless, as the claim was filed by Gladstones (who appear to have done no due diligence whatsoever), PCMUK, you've been Gladstoned!

The Prankster would like to remind reader's of PCMUK's attitude to the evidence and the truth, as revealed in a BBC Watchdog undercover operation.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. I came for the Sadstones and stayed for the hottie

  2. I see from Ms.Philpot's online profile that, although she calls herself a "Legal & Debt Recovery Manager", she does not seem to have had any legal training.

  3. Nearly as interesting reading her LinkedIn profile as it is some of the popla assessors, drama degrees seem to be a major requirement for the HR department at ombudsman services

  4. The judge gave Georgina Philpot a pretty good talking to about it...

    Another 'toothbrush' invitation? :>)