Wednesday, 9 November 2016

IPC accepts worst ever car parking director - Ghulam Abbas

Confirming the suspicion that the IPC will stoop as low as is needed to get new members, they have now accepted The Car Park Enforcement Company Limited. CPEC(a) is owned and run by Ghulam Abbas and Shazad Murtaza and appears to be an obvious phoenix of The Car Parking Enforcement Company Limited. CPEC(b) was owned and run by Ghulam Abbas and Shazad Murtaza.

The Car Parking Enforcement Company Limited were chucked out of the BPA for incurring a record 58 sanction points in one year, including enforcement action on sites with no signage, significant signage/notice contravention,  failing to inform motorists they could appeal to POPLA, failure to respond to BPA investigations and operating where no landowner authorisation was in place.

If a person with the worst ever record of running a parking company can gain DVLA access just by creating a new company, this is of extreme concern. The DVLA need to ensure there is some standard of competence in the organisations they award ATA status to, otherwise crafty operators like Ghulam and Shazad will make a mockery of the system.

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  1. This is great'll make it much easier for the gov to justify the changes that will be made to private parking....

  2. It's worthy of a letter to the DVLA.
    There's no reason to suspect that they will be any different to the last time.

  3. The DVLA needs to be brought to task for selling details without requiring any evidence of reasonable cause beyond the fact the person applying is a member of an "approved operator scheme"... Especially one as dubious as the IPC.

  4. I still cannot comprehend how a government institution like DVLA decided that selling private information was OK. That is the catalyst to the entire problem. For some reason I do not even have the right to opt out of my data being sold to cowboys like this. I know, DVLA has been challenged many times for this but somehow, "It OK mate"

  5. I think this might just trip over into a GPEOL defence.
    I'd love to be able to see it hit court.

    PLEASE let them take it that far.......