Thursday, 24 November 2016

Excel lose. Judge upholds machine failure

Excel v Mr F 23/11/2016. Manchester

Mr F purchased a valid ticket, but Excel claimed he did not. There have been a sizeable number of cases where Excel's machines failed; this was yet another.

On the Monday evening three days before the claim Excel tried to ambush Mr F by sending new evidence in the form of a list of all the registrations which had paid for valid tickets. The list was exceedingly useful because, due to data protection regulations, every single registration was redacted.

The Hearing

Mr F had prepared carefully, but this was not needed. On the day the judge only gave him the chance to describe his version of events and the 'rep' from excel (with no solicitor present) to state her case.

The evidence they tried to hijack him with on Monday evening ultimately was their downfall and backfired on them with the judge using this to state that the chances are that Mr F's registration was among the redacted registrations and that he therefore paid for a ticket.

The claim was dismissed.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. A very accurately struck own goal by Excel then!

  2. These people are absolute buffoons.
    I was going to describe them as complete idiots but I don't they deserve a compliment.
    Now bring on a rash of claims for the breach of the DPA at £750 a shot for residential parking cases and see how they handle those.