Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Parking signs get a winter jacket at ASDA Fleetwood

Parking signs at ASDA Fleetwood have all been fitted with nice jackets to keep them cosy for the winter

The Prankster understands this is because they have no advertising consent. It is a criminal offence to display signs without the correct advertising consent.

Wyre Planning Enforcement Officer Charlotte Parkinson has informed Asda of the requirement to get the necessary consent, and ASDA has covered the signs until the process is complete.

ASDA use ParkingEye to mismanage their car parks. The Prankster has been in touch with a ParkingEye employee who unofficially told him that ParkingEye's policy is to save money by not bothering to apply for advertising consent for their signage. They only apply if they get rumbled and the council investigates. Although this employee does not officially speak for ParkingEye, the evidence up and down the country would suggest this is true.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Well at least Wyre/Asda are doing the right thing, unlike all the rest of the country (Liverpool council and it's part owner JLA).

  2. Freedom of information requests to councils in which ParkingEye signs are seen then!?

  3. There are so many other PPCs that are doing the exact same thing and no council is prepared to pursue ? NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST indeed! Perhaps a national list of such sites may get one of them to act? It is very simple to evidence too. Mass action as opposed to class action? It should be the council's planning enforcement teams taking this action? A national cover up like this over Christmas would really cost them? No letters on the mat for Christmas? Well done that man who did this! It needs many more to follow!

  4. Bravo. About time parking firms had to snide by the same laws as the rest of us. No excuses for Parkingeye either. Their parent company should know planning law as they run some planning departments on behalf of some local authorities.. Perhaps that family connection is why it's hard to get action against illegal car park signage?

  5. I've just reported my local Asda to the planning office asking if planning permission was granted for the signs and ANPR cameras that have appeared in the car park, been informed it's been passed to the enforcement team to look into. Hopefully I will be informed of the outcome, if not I will ask.

  6. Enforcement team at Fistral admit the signs/cameras aren't lawful, but not taking action as they are only "modest."

  7. Does that "ad consent" go for all car parks ,lidl and the like? Or even private car parks?