Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Watchdog exposes the BPA Ltd's and Patrick Troy's failure to police the industry

On Wednesday 11/06/2014 Watchdog featured a small slot on the private parking industry, showing two of the ways in which parking companies try and game the POPLA system, and explaining to Patrick Troy, CEO of the BPA Ltd that they had hundreds more complaints.

Patrick Troy tried to dodge the issue, mumbling his way through a pre-prepared speech regarding the 30,000 POPLA appeals which had taken place. Since there has been around 3,000,000 tickets issued, this amounts to less than 1% of charges issued, so is nothing to be proud about.

When Anne Robinson questioned him regarding how the BPA Ltd would be enforcing the rules, he failed to answer, trying to get back to the topic of his 30,000 appeals.

The Prankster gets informed of parking companies trying to game POPLA day in and day out, so he knows the problem is a real one, and very large.

The Prankster wishes Patrick Troy would put more effort into solving the fundamental problems of the industry, and less effort into trying to pretend everything is all right.

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The Parking Prankster


  1. I'm not convinced by the 5 year strategy contained in their mission statement...

    Putting the consumer at the heart of our thinking
    Developing our membership and delivering better value
    Informing and influencing Government
    Building a consensus with all stakeholders
    Promoting innovation, technology and sustainability
    Making parking a recognised profession

    Who funds these buffoons ?

    1. Who funds these buffoons ?

      Unfortunately the great British Public do through their rates and taxes. There appears to be a higher level of fee for Local Authority members than for PPC. In addition, the BPA are also applying for grants to study "issues".

      NoToMob in London have been going on about this cross-subsidy for years. I would suggest that every rate payer should lobby their council to either cancel their subscription of have it substantially reduced. Whatever happened to "Value for money".

  2. he does not have the balls to upset his pay masters, he also omitted to say why 2 PPC's where suspended this year (or was it jumping to the IPC?)

    1. He was even unsure of the numbers LOL. Any expulsions should be named and shamed incase they still try to operate. I'd say that they have a duty of care to the general public to do so.

  3. Never heard of the two companies involved. No doubt, small fish who if they were upset and upped sticks, probably wouldn't be the end of the World. Now, if they had picked on Parking Eye....

    As Anne said " as useful as a chocolate teapot ". Forever now now as Choccy Troy.