Friday, 27 June 2014

Devere try and frighten motorists to hide the fact their contract is squiffy

Devere have been writing to motorists threatening legal action if they ask POPLA to check that their contract with landowners is valid.

The Prankster usually finds that when companies threaten legal action in this way, they have something to hide. Take ParkingEye, for instance, who have written all kinds of legal letters to The Prankster trying to stop him exposing their shambolic business and deceptive processes.

The Devere letter is therefore a red rag to a bull, requiring further investigation into Devere's contracts. Here's one, which was signed on 11th July 2011.

That proves to be an interesting date, because Devere Parking Services Ltd did not exist at that point in time.

Devere Parking Services Limited was only incorporated on 15 July 2011. As they did not exist on 11 July 2011, they would have had difficulty signing any contracts on that day, and in fact the contract does not include their company number. This does seem a bit squiffy to The Prankster.

The Prankster therefore recommends that any motorist charged by Devere asks to see the contract and checks at least the date on which their contract with the landowner was signed.

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  1. and I think that is the location where the service company have already given long leases on car park spaces to the residents and so have no rights over those spaces

  2. Asking a PPC to provide evidence of a contract in place I'd say is correct and justifiable. If they want to invoice for monies, they at least need to prove that they have authority and a legal right to do so. I'd complain to DVLA and BPA about what could be perceived to be a bullying tactic.

  3. PS.Libel and demafation are two seperate things. One is for oral, the other for written. Says it all really.

  4. They scamming cheating scumbags, who are lying through their teeth, they don't do anything that can be construed as honest. They are a despicable company who should be liquidated!

    Devere if you have any problems with my honest assessment of the scam you operate, you have my name below, just pop Prankster an email and I will forward you my full address (he has my email address) for you to take me to court for what ever made up charge you come up with.

  5. What a tangled web they weave...

    Devere Parking Service Ltd., as shown on the contract, does not exist, and has never been registered. The registered company is Devere Parking Services Ltd.

  6. Threaten you into supplying a written confirmation that you accept their contract is legitimate without supplying a copy. Low.

  7. You've got to give them 10 of 10 for trying it on. Lying scumbags.