Sunday, 15 June 2014

Ransomes Park Limited admit charging VAT when they should not

Ransomes Park Limited have been charging VAT on monies for damages for a long while.

They have finally admitted that they should not be charging VAT on monies for damages. Therefore any motorists who have paid up a Ransomes demand should contact Ransomes to ask for payment of the VAT portion to be refunded. They could also consider informing HMRC that they have been charged VAT when they should not have been.

The address to contact for a refund is:

Mr Nigel Robson
Ransomes Park Limited
1 Quay Point
Station Road
IP12 4AL

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  1. Has the "VAT MAN" got a grip of the situation ? They are very effective at debt recovery.

  2. Done my duty and asked HMRC to investigate.

  3. Quite right too...VAT is only chargeable on goods or services. Damages are neither goods or services, therefore non vatable ... simples!

  4. By what medium did they 'admit' it? It would be helpful to be able to quote accurately if advising people to rely upon that admission for a refund.

    1. Agree, it's important to arm HMRC with the full facts.

  5. Shouldn't there be a their VAT number on the invoices that they send out?

  6. Much more interesting is if they then paid the VAT collected to the VATman. If they did not, perhaps 'fraud' or 'obtaining monies by deception' would get the Plod interested.

  7. Have posted Prankies blog to HMRC, if anyone can be more specific, would be glad to help Ransomes make sure they are paying the appropriate amount of tax.