Thursday, 5 June 2014

ParkingEye lose in court. Fail to send representative.

[updated following information from Bargepole]

3JD11777 ParkingEye v Fielding (04/06/2014 Liverpool) ParkingEye failed to send a representative and so the claim was struck out.

The claim was apparently for around £400. The defendant did not ask for costs, preferring to leg it just in case ParkingEye did turn up.

As the claim was only struck out, ParkingEye could still pay a fee to restart the claim.

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  1. To be pedantic, it would have been struck out rather than dismissed.

    A claim is struck out when the claimant fails to comply with directions, or as in this case fails to attend the hearing. They can pay a fee to have the claim reinstated.

    A claim is dismissed when both sides' arguments have been heard, and the Judge rules in favour of the defendant. That is then the end of the matter, unless they decide to appeal.

  2. Depends on the order of the court. The judge may well have dismissed the claim directly. We don't know unless we see a copy of the court order.