Friday, 27 June 2014

MET Parking operate 'customer not here' scam at McDonalds

This post on pepipoo shows how MET Parking operatives operate a parking scan at McDonalds.

The scam works as follows:

The MET Parking operative issues large numbers of tickets at once for 'customer not on premises'. He has no idea whether the customer is or is not on the premises; he doesn't go in the restaurant to check; he just issues large numbers of tickets.

When the customers leave McDonalds and find the ticket, they complain to the operative who fobs them off.

They then go back and complain to the manager. It appears the manager may be in on the scam as he did not cancel the ticket despite the customers having just been in the restaurant. In any case, the manager certainly did nothing to help, which allows MET Parking to carry on with the scam.

When the customers appeal to MET Parking, they continue the scam by rejecting the appeal:

Whilst you have supplied receipts for the purchases at the restaurant a site survey was conducted whilst your vehicle was on the premises and as there was no one to take accountability for your vehicle a parking charge notice was issued. We can confirm that the charge was issued correctly and we are upholding it.

Obviously the statement that a site survey was conducted was false. No-one came round the restaurant calling out vehicle numbers and asking if the occupants were present. No doubt an enquiry to McDonalds would reveal that such a site survey has never happened.

This kind of predatory scam shows why certain sectors of the parking industry need to be weeded out. MET Parking issue large numbers of fake tickets in the hope that some motorists are scared into paying up.

This is not an isolated incident. MET Parking have a history of deceiving motorists and have been caught out in the past issue tickets under the wrong regulations in railways station car parks.

The Prankster would be happy to pass on the location of the MacDonalds in question to the BPA so that they can investigate further. If the motorist in question wishes to contact him, please use

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. All MacDonald's have a security camera operating. It would be a good idea to ask for a copy of the video as soon as you find a ticket on your windscreen.
    Most footage is wiped after around 14 days so the earlier you tell them you want a cop the better. They are obliged to release it too since it includes footage of you in the premises.

  2. Alternatively, you could just resolve to never ever visit one of their establishments where they serve indigestible processed muck, accompanied with so-called "fries" no bigger than matchsticks (whatever happened to proper chips?), and where you have to stand in a queue with tattooed chavs and benefit scroungers, to get served by sullen spotty teenagers.

    I don't believe MET have ever taken anyone to court for one of these ridiculous fake tickets, so you could safely ignore all their bilge, or just tell them to FTFO.

  3. Dont sugar coat it David, tell it like it is!!!!

  4. People eating at such an establishment need help, not punishment (sorry, charging!)

  5. Report them to the police - for extortion?

  6. Go on on PP, name and shame. McDonald's are nowhere near as litigious as they used to be. They might give you a telling off for spelling their name wrong though. ;-)

  7. It's almost like they are trying to deter customers. I personally haven't spent a single penny at McDonalds since Met Parking tried to fleece my dad for overstaying in the Gatwick McD carpark 2 years ago. Despite writing to Jill McDonald the CEO (wonder if she dresses like a clown at work) explaining that my dad was 80 years old and on the verge of going into a diabetic coma at the time, she didn't care and passed the letter onto a menial customer services clerk who also didn't care. McDonalds custmer services really are the worst I've come across.