Friday, 6 June 2014

Ashley Cohen gets a new job

Ashley Cohen has a new job. He is now working as administrator for...Civil Enforcement Limited.

It appears Civil Enforcement Limited have not quite got the hang of witness statements. If they want to state they are the operator, they can just state it. It carries no extra weight to dress this up in a witness statement. If operators can just say they have landowner authority without actually providing any proof, then this defeats the point of the appeal system.

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  1. If all of these companies Ashley works for only pay him minimum wage hes still gotta be on over £100k per year!!!!!

  2. Hmm, I double checked everything I sent into Court, as I wanted to be honest and transparent. If people are putting false information into court, shouldn't this be challenged ?

    1. The contract (if it exists) should only ever be used. Getting someone to sign a legal document saying it exists should be laughed out of Court by any reputable Judge. The whole basis for their argument is that they can charge xxxx and keep it, based upon what a contract says. To attempt to issue a document saying that "my mate Ash has seen it" to win a case beggars belief. I can't believe that any judge worth their salt would allow someone to attempt to rip the p*ss like that...