Friday, 31 January 2014

Reclaim Service Launched

Many parking tickets on private land have no basis in law; some parking companies derive their entire income from charges for breach of contract and it is obviously impossible to run a business entirely on this basis. As Judge Buckley put it:
"...they are pursuing a claim for their own profit as opposed to quantifying a breach and loss which this has caused them..."
When a charge is invalid, it may be possible for anyone who has paid up to reclaim their money for up to 6 years after the event. I am therefore investigating the possibility of setting up a service to help people reclaim money paid for invalid private parking charges.

At the moment the service is running on a trial basis. If you are interested, please go to the Parking Prankster website and fill in the form. If there is enough interest I will select some trial cases and proceed with those.

It is likely that the first cases will involve car parks where I already have plenty of evidence that POPLA or the courts have ruled the charges were invalid.

I am therefore especially interested if you want to reclaim money after being charged for the following sites:

  • The Peel Centre
  • The Range
  • Burton Hospital
  • Fistral Beach
  • Rheidol Retail Park
  • Any airport
  • Any port
  • Corporation Street, Preston
  • St Helen's retail park
  • Hawarth
  • Eurogarages (KFC/Starbucks) at Bath Road, Heathrow
Any other car parks are of course also welcome. However, this service is for private parking charges only - not council or police parking charges.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. I suspect that this could be the biggest mis selling scandal since Payment Protection Insurance. Power to your elbow Mr Prankster. I'd like to share this with my surfing buddies if that's okay ?

    1. Please share this as widely as you can. It will only work if I have enough takers to make it viable. I'm sure the good people of Newquay will be more than happy to get any invalid parking fees refunded.

  2. I'd love to see Rachel's face when the first Prankster Claim Notice hits her desk. (complete with scary red writing, 28 days to pay, etc)

  3. Oh boy! I hope you have lots of spare time... The PPCs are going to hate you! (even more).

  4. Ill be behind you on this too :) even though I settled OOC not sure if I would have a claim now as such, but I will back you anyway :D

    1. Never say never, but charges where you settled after a court claims may have to wait for round 2.

    2. I can wait :) but support the cause anyway :)

  5. No Aldi car parks, any reason for that ?

    1. Not as much dirt on these. Happy to add these once enough motorists register though.

    2. Entrapment and Health and Safety issues are the main problems with Aldi.

  6. One aspect that that could be explored regarding Aldi concerns stores such as the one in Dunstable. Here it was found that they broke planning rules and issued tickets to non-Aldi customers, even though planning consent specified that the car park could be used by anyone. I wonder how many non-customers paid up, and can those people reclaim those payments?