Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Prankster guides fund first court transcript

The sales of The Prankster guide have now been able to fund the first court transcript, which will be made freely available as soon as it has been received by The Prankster.

The current status is: the court sent the wrong tape to the transcript company.

Oops! Hopefully this can be sorted out in the near future!

Meanwhile, for a brief moment in time, the guide hit the number #1 spot on Amazon for its category, even outselling J K Rowling*.

The Prankster's grandmother was suitably impressed and phoned all her friends to tell them. Unfortunately the book has now been knocked off its giddy heights by Gordon Anthony's 'Textbook on Administrative Law'.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

* Mainly because she has no books in that category. J K Rowling outsells The Prankster in all other categories.


  1. Well done Pranky!
    Keep up the good work

  2. Bet the BPA Ltd would love to flog that many copies of Parking News. :-)

  3. Wonder how many copies have beem purchased by the PBA and their assiciated members.......or for their respective m'learned friends to study?

  4. Must say it is a Good read having brought a copy myself (even though I don't drive I still brought it so I know their tactics)

    Are you planning to bring a sequel about how to win at popla out for those who don't have a parking lie ticket?

  5. Kind of wish I had gone to court yesterday now too

  6. On saying that though, I have had no confirmation that the case has been dropped, Im now kind of expecting a letter finding in their favour because I didn't show up LOL

    1. Why did PE drop your case? How soon before the court date?

    2. We settled on the day of the deadline, I decided it was a safe bet, tbh going to court would have lost me 400 in earnings (self employed) if I lost (50/50) it would have cost me probably another 200. If I won I wouldn't have been able to claim all of that 400 back.

  7. I was in the same boat as you John. But I thought f it they are not gunna beat me lol. Glad I did