Sunday, 5 January 2014

POPLA Code Checker

The ParkingCowboy web site now has a useful POPLA code checker which can be used to validate your POPLA code and to find out when it expires. The site also advises you if the parking company tried to pull a fast one and created the code on a different date to the date they sent it out.

Click here to try it out.

If you don't have a POPLA code to hand, here is a valid one to try out.


If the parking company generated the code more than one or two days before you received it, then the email addresses to complain to are:

Simply email in a copy of your dated rejection letter containing the POPLA code and point out that the parking company is sending you POPLA codes which are not valid for the required 28 days.

The British Parking Association Limited do not pro-actively monitor parking company letters and so are reliant on motorists to report transgression like this. They always look forward to new ways of driving up parking standards and so such information is especially welcome. Parking companies have had over a year to get used to the new regime so any behaviour like this can only be described as an attempt to cheat the motorist out of the appeal time they are legitimately allowed.

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