Sunday, 26 January 2014

ParkingEye settle for £15

ParkingEye have settled a court claim for £15, according to this post on Pepipoo.

The Prankster notes that ParkingEye prefer to negotiate because going to court costs them around £200-£300, or longer if the hearing lasts over 3 hours. This is because they use a lawyer from LPC Law to represent them. In the small claims track this money is not normally allowable as costs, and so ParkingEye always lose out at court, even if they win.

If you receive a court claim your best strategy is therefore never to pay up but always to file a strong defence. You can then start negotiations from a position of strength.

Of course, you can also carry on to court and have your say at a hearing. ParkingEye's contracts have always been found wanting at court when a strong defence is used. ParkingEye's true cost per charge of under £15 also shows their charge is not a true pre-estimate of loss.

On the other hand, settling for £15 is possibly a good pragmatic decision considering the effort involved in defending a case.

For a free guide containing all the legal arguments you need, visit The Parking Prankster's web site.

The web site also contains many free documents you can use as evidence, and case transcripts to help you.

Although the information is mainly of use for ParkingEye court cases, many items may also be applicable for fighting claims from other operators.

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