Tuesday 31 December 2013

UKCPS try new scam - handing out fake POPLA codes

The Parking Prankster has learned that parking operator UKCPS has been handing out fake POPLA codes. This is apparently a cynical move on UKCPS's part - handing out a fake POPLA code will mean it will be rejected by POPLA and may then mean a valid appeal cannot be lodged within the timescale or that the motorist will simply give up.

How to recognise a fake POPLA code.

All genuine POPLA codes are 10 digits long, and their format is described in a previous post. The fake POPLA codes are 9 digits followed by 1 letter. They therefore fit on the form, but will of course always be rejected by POPLA.

The last 3 digits are your place in the number of appeals UKCPS turned down that day. 'P' is therefore obviously invalid and there can be no justification for UKCPS trying to manipulate the system in this way.

It is noticeable that the instructions UKCPS provide for using POPLA only mention the online appeal service. Appealing online will of course fail to even get the appeal registered because the POPLA code is not valid. All rejection letters should also contain details on how to appeal by post - it cannot be expected that ever motorist has access to a computer. Appealing by post will at least get the appeal logged by POPLA.

As a further example of UKCPS's attempt to bend the rules, The Prankster has seen the full unredacted latter and can confirm that the POPLA code was generated several days before the rejection letter was dated and posted, thus eating away appeal time.

What you should do?

If you have an invalid POPLA number, contact Richard Reeve, POPLA Tribunal Manager, on 0207 520 7202 and ask him to log the fact that you have attempted to appeal but have not been given a valid POPLA code, and that in any case the POPLA code was generated several days before it was posted. Richard Reeve and his team are well aware of this scam and will know the right procedures to follow.

To be doubly sure, write to POPLA with a copy of your UKCPS rejection letter and get a free proof of postage.

Parking on Private Land Appeals
PO Box 70748

British Parking Association Ltd
The BPA Ltd are well aware of this scam but so far have taken no public action. To be fair to motorists they should require UKCPS to contact all motorists who have been given invalid codes and re-issue valid codes, properly dated with 28 days to appeal, and with instructions on how to appeal both online and via the post. Any motorist who has paid should still be given the chance to appeal even though POPLA do not normally allow this.

Email them at enclosing a copy of the UKCPS rejection letter. Ask them to explain why UKCPS are issuing invalid POPLA codes. Ask them to explain why UKCPS are also creating POPLA codes several days before they send them out. Ask them to explain why they have not required UKCPS to proactively already contact you, since the BPA are fully aware this is happening.


The DVLA are responsible for letting the BPA Ltd police their members. As the BPA Ltd are not currently pulling their weight, you should email, enclosing a copy of the UKCPS rejection letter. Ask them to investigate why the BPA Ltd have taken no visible action so far to resolve this, and ask that as the BPA Ltd are apparently not regulating the sector correctly whether their ATA status should be investigated.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. 'We are DVLA registered' - how does that work?

  2. Outrageous.

    POPLA should now allow every appeal received by people given a dodgy code.

  3. I believe I read something about 9 digit 1 letter POPLA codes in one of the DVLA's FOIA disclosures but for the sake of it can't find it any more... sure those codes are not working?

  4. That's my letter that's reacted up there and I can confirm that the code doesn't work.

  5. I wonder what would happen if you were to bring that fake to code to a court battle you were fighting about the fine.