Sunday, 22 December 2013

How much does an ANPR camera cost?

Parking companies are fond of quoting the cost of ANPR cameras as justification for their parking charges. The Prankster wondered just how much an ANPR camera did cost, so typed 'buy cheap anpr' into google.

It turns out a high spec ANPR camera costs around £100-£300.

600 TVL less than 50 mph $103
600 TVL more than 50 mph $156
540 TVL $216
Camsecure Colour WDR ANPR £288

So basically, after the first 1-3 suckers* pay out, the system is paid for.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

*technical term for someone who pays a non-enforceable speculative invoice


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  2. But it's the signs degrading after every read that costs money ;)

  3. Or so what our Trev seems to think! :-)

  4. To be fair, most of the cost of putting up an ANPR is installing the pole and associated electrics. I wonder if they use WiFi to send the photos back to a server?

    Plus, if they were doing it properly, there would be a key distribution system so that the cameras could digitally sign the images they take, and a time synchronisation system.

    Deploying all the things that you should have would easily push the installation cost for a site to a figure approaching £100,000.

    And they still would have to prove loss excluding their running costs, even if they had grounds to sue.

    Easier to chuck a cheap camera on a pole, and pretend that their invoices have standing, eh?

    1. Not sure about other PPCs, but ParkingEye for instance require the customer to provide the electricity.

      3.4 Before installation of the Products at the Site(s), ParkingEye shall give adequate information to enable the Customer, at the Customer’s own expense and unless otherwise agreed, to:
      3.4.1 arrange for the supply of suitable electrical current as is reasonably required for the proper operation of the Products.

  5. But most of the cameras go on existing poles, they use adsl lines to send the images on, and their back office stuff would be there in any case for other sites. I would be amazed if it costs them a tenth of what you say.

    1. I was talking about doing it properly, i.e. how the cameras are set up for the London congestion charge.

      The evidence they produce has to stand up in the crown court. And does.

  6. It really doesn't matter what their setup costs are, if you never park in that site they have to pay for all of that equipment regardless. In fact if no one ever parked in any of their car parks ever again they still have the same costs

  7. My brother-in-law now employs a parking control company to oversee his property. with great success. This came about after being assaulted by a motorist when he asked not to park on his land as this obstructed his access which was in use 24/7 as his wife is a nurse and could be called out at any time. The motorist was prosecuted and ordered to pay compensation (which was donated to charity. I am in favour of private parking companies as there to many morons with cars who think they can park anywhere they like.
    Three cheers for parking enforcement. Before you ask,no i'm not a parking warden.

  8. After many months of motorist abusing his property and no action from the police my brother-in-law has employed a private parking company to oversee his land. The final straw was when he was assaulted by a motorist when he asked him not to park on his land as it obstructs his access. The motorist was prosecuted for causing actual bodily harm for which he was ordered to pay compensation and 100 hours unpaid work. The compensation was donated to a local charity.
    Since the enforcement company put up the notices only three motorists have parked on his land,all three were served with a pcn and all have paid the reduced charge,of which my brother-in-law has donated his share to a local charity.
    I am totally in favor of parking enforcement as we have too many morons who think they have the right to do what they like,when they like and sod the consequences for other people. Bit like shoplifters,get caught,pay the price.
    Before you ask, NO I'm not a enforcement officer,if only.
    The simple answer is if you ain't happy about the rules. PARK ELSEWHERE.