Monday, 9 December 2013

Are ParkingEye taking you to court for a parking event before Feb 2013 at one of The Range stores?

There is a growing body of evidence that ParkingEye's contracts with The Range are all dated in February 2013 and that there was noting in place before that date.

There have been a number of court cases at various different Range outlets where the case has been dismissed because the parking event was dated in 2012, but the contract produced by ParkingEye was dated in February 2013.

ParkingEye have produced various excuses for this; they forgot to bring the email; they had a different, earlier contract that they forgot to bring along; the witness statement refers to a different document and not the contract they brought along in court...and so it goes on.

The fact remains though, that at this present time The Prankster has never seen or heard of anyone who has seen a copy of any contract with The Range dated before February 2013.

It does seem a bit funny that time after time ParkingEye 'accidentally' get it wrong and turn up to court with the 'wrong' contract. Perhaps this is because there is no 'right' contract.

What happens now?

If you are a defendant for a case at The Range on or before February 2013 you should demand sight of the full unredacted contract between ParkingEye and The Range which was in force at the time of the parking event.

If this is not forthcoming, you should protest to the DVLA and the BPA that ParkingEye were operating without authority.

You should make the court aware by filing as evidence all the cases where this has happened. These are contained in a previous Prankster post.

If you are the BPA Ltd, you should do a full audit and ask to see all ParkingEye contracts for all car parks, starting with The Range. There are so many anomalies that this cannot be put down to chance or bad preparation for a few court cases. Where contracts were not in place, you should require an orderly refund of charges paid by motorists.

If you are the DVLA, then you should oversee this, and check that BPA Ltd are policing their members correctly.

If you are Capita, then now would be a good time to introduce some quality control into your new acquisition. Cancel all court cases where a contract was not in place at the time of issuing a ticket. Refund all tickets issued in error. Revise the final purchase price of your new toy.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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