Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Premier Park Solutions forget to turn up for court case

Proving that ParkingEye are not the only incompetent parking company when it comes to actually turning up for court cases, The Parking Prankster heard that Premier Park Solutions chickened out of appearing at today's hearing.

Many moons ago, the motorist decided to take a ferry and park at Hull Docks. The motorist paid for the correct parking charge and the ticket machine screen confirmed this, but there was an error with the machine which printed a receipt for 2 hours worth of stay instead of 48 hours.

The motorist appealed, showing a copy of his bank statement to prove he had paid and that the machine was faulty.

Bizarrely the parking company refused to accept this, so they refused the appeal and issued a POPLA code.

Bizarrely, POPLA also refused to accept this. Apparently if the machine swallows your money without giving you a correct ticket, then according to POPLA that is tough luck!

The motorist did not agree, and decided to get a court ruling on the issue.

The bungling buffoons at Premier Park Solutions started court action without issuing a Letter Before Claim compliant with Practice Directions, and against a person who was neither the driver nor registered keeper of the vehicle. Carrying on throwing good money after bad, the bird-brained boneheads then paid for a hearing.

Eventually someone came to their senses, and rather than waste travel and time they pulled the eject lever and stayed skulking in Premier Palace.

They didn't get off scott-free though. The motorist attended the County Court, and the judge immediately struck out the case due to no-show by the claimant and no witness statement by the claimant. He awarded considerable costs against them. The motorist reported that the judge was clearly irritated by their spurious claims.

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