Friday, 13 December 2013

Amazing co-incidence. Two different parking companies have exactly the same pre-estimate of loss calculations

The Parking Prankster has seen the pre-estimate of loss calculations for two different companies, Vehicle Control Services and Excel Parking.

There are 12 categories of costs and amazingly each category comes to the same amount, calculated right down to the penny. Most of the amounts and categories can be seen in this post.

Aha, says the well-informed reader - VCS is 100% owned by Excel Parking. That surely explains everything.

Not so, replies The Prankster. Just because one is 100% owned by the other does not mean that they share the same books. Both companies file different accounts and have different methods of operation. VCS for instance, patrols several airports with periscope cars, and as has been reported, pays the airport for the privilege of issuing charges. Excel Parking manages centers like the Peel centre, and is paid a sum of money for doing this. Each company will have different rates at which motorists pay up, go to POPLA, and so on.

The Prankster can scarcely believe that the pre-estimate of loss calculation is the same for both companies.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. If the pre estimate of loss was indeed genuine then the differences would be easy to see.

    But for Excel and VCS its about making them equal to a sum decided by the BPA Ltd, and why motivate lazy staff when some bod can do it centrally and send out?

    If it was genuine then £0 + £0 + £0 still equals ZERO!!!

  2. On MSE I have been advised to let you know that I have debt collectors pursuing me for a company called Excel parking, but the ticket I received came from VCS. I don't know why this company is chasing me but I suspect fraud and a breach of the data protection act......