Thursday, 2 March 2017

Video of Private Parking Solutions London Ltd apparently issuing ghost tickets

Ghost ticketing occurs when a parking warden issues a parking charge, sticks the ticket on the window, photographs it, then removes the ticket.

This leaves the driver unaware that the ticket has been issued until the notice to keeper arrives 4-8 weeks later..

There are several benefits to the parking company

1) The driver is unaware that a ticket has been issued, so the parking company can rack up a number of charges in the 8 week window before the driver realises they are doing something wrong

2) The driver loses the chance to gather supporting evidence at the time. For instance, the parking company may claim there was no ticket visible even though there was one on the dashboard. The driver therefore loses the chance to take their own photos proving a ticket was displayed, and may have even disposed of the ticket by the time the NTK arrives.

3) The keeper cannot appeal, because the appeal window has already closed by the time they receive the NTK

4) The discount is lost so the charge must be paid at the higher amount

Here is an example of ghost ticketing apparently at work. The video shows Private Parking Solutions London Ltd wardens issuing ghost tickets at the Ashford Antiques Centre, Ashford, Slough,

When questioned, the warden disputes the fact that a ghost ticket has just been issued and instead states the ticket has been cancelled. However, if that was the case, The Prankster questions why all the photographs were taken. It appears more likely that the story was only invented once the wardens realised they had been been videod.

The warden in the car is Hristo Todorov. Here is his facebook page.

The Prankster believes ghost ticketing is a predatory practice which should not be condoned by any car park operator.

If any keeper feels they have been the victim of ghost ticketing at Ashford Antiques Centre, Ashford, Slough, The Prankster suggests they either get in touch with him, or report it to the Bristish Parking Association at

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  1. This car park seems to ne getting a reputation for a number of sharp practices.

  2. A dashcam in the rear of the car facing the windscreen would soon sort these things out.
    If you suspect the same thing is happening, or has happened to you, and you don't mind the chance of getting ticketed I'd give it a go. If one of the video's ever got taken to court as evidence it'll really sink them.

  3. Still waiting for pre release to come out

  4. The gobbledegook on their website ......:

    "If you prefer to take control to the first step of the management process than the self ticketing is for you simply complete the parking charge notice and placed it onto the unauthorised parked vehicle windscreen. The main thing to remember when embarking on car park enforcement is to take a good picture. PPS is enable to issue a parking charge notice without a picture of the unauthorised parked vehicle with its registration plate and put it on the windscreen and at least one of the parking enforcement sign must be visible. We recommend that if the driver of a car returns while you are taking the picture you explain that they parked on private property and if they do so again they may be send a private parking charge notice.

    Once we have received and approved your picture we will contact DVLA to obtain the name and address of the register keeper of the vehicle who was parked on your private property."

    Really, Jakub?