Sunday, 26 March 2017

BW Legal discontinue Albert Street claim

VCS v Ms C C8DP37CH. Claim discontinued

VCS have instructed BW Legal to discontinue yet another claim for car parking at Albert Street, Birmingham.

The problem VCS have is that the signage at Albert Street historically was in the name of Excel Parking services.

After discussing the claim with The Prankster, Ms C pointed this out in a robust letter to BW Legal.

Dear BW Legal,

I note that the signage at Albert Street at the time of parking was in the name of Excel Parking Services and not your client, VCS. Any contract made by the driver would therefore have been with Excel. Your client is therefore not a party to any contract and has no standing to bring a claim.

I therefore look forward to receiving your notice of discontinuance within 7 days.

If you fail to cancel the hearing I will ask for my full costs under 27.14(2)g

This will include my full time spent on this matter at the litigant in person rate of £19/hour.

I refer you to the following blog posts, which confirm you are well aware of this matter from other cases.

I will make the court aware of these blog posts should you proceed to a hearing, as well as these cases which you are fully aware of.

VCS v Zozulya A8QZ6666
VCS v Ms M 3QZ53955 

VCS v Ms A C6DP7P37 claim dismissed.

BW Legal took a little longer than the 7 days, but a notice of discontinuance has now arrived.

Future Albert Street motorists can therefore send the same letter to BW Legal, but add in the link to this blog and the claim reference VCS v Ms C C8DP37CH.

Prankster Notes

The Prankster questions the morals of VCS owner Simon Renshaw-Smith for filing claims when he knows he has no standing to do so. Presumably he hopes the motorist will either be scared into paying up, or that if it goes to a hearing, neither the motorist or judge will realise the signage is in the wrong name.

The signage is now in the name of Vehicle Control Services. This matter only relates to historical parking events.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Are we anywhere near this being fraud at all??

  2. If Joe Public treat the court system this way they'd be hauled over the coals and possibly find themselves in very deep water... Yet this company and other parking companies constantly get away with it.

    Discontinuance of a, dare I say, Fraudulent Claim should not be the end of the matter. The court should be dealing with the person who signed documents containing such a colossal difference as WRONG COMPANY!

    Parking Companies - The Worm is Turning - The humble motorist is beginning to fight back!