Saturday, 4 March 2017

MIL Collections in line for the Parking Futures Award

The British Parking awards are coming soon, and this excerpt from the IAS spring newsletter shows that MIL Collections are in line for the Parking Futures Award.

This award is for innovative service providers who are helping to transform the provision and delivery of parking, who are pioneers and innovators, who have disruptive business ideas and use emerging technologies.

MIL Collections certainly have a new idea for the concept of debt collection. They encourage parking companies to break data protection laws by selling them data in clear breach of the KADOE contract with the DVLA, thus running the risk of large amounts being awarded against them in court claims. They also risk being suspended from access to the DVLA database.

Another initiative is to bypass the laws regarding the assignment of debt and not bother with them in the slightest. Although this means they have no legal claim on any debt, their pioneering innovation is to realise this does not matter anyway, and they file vast amounts of court claims with no legal standing, hoping that the defendant does not notice this.

Their use of fictional characters Matt Murdock and Watson, while amusing, cannot be considered innovative. The Prankster expects them to score "nul points" for this.

One great strategy which has worked well for MIL in the past is apparently to enter into a profit sharing arrangement with parking companies, but tell the motorist that the debt has been assigned to MIL and the parking company has no more interest in the charge. As they never cough up the paperwork, it is of course almost impossible for the motorist to prove this. The Prankster looks forward to MIL coming clean on this and providing full documentation to settle this one way or the other.

Another great cost saver is to send representatives with no right of audience to court hearings. This saves them lots of money, except in those rare cases where the right of audience is challenged and they are sent home with their tail between their legs.

Lastly, MIL have great ways to boost profits for parking charges, such as adding a £90 charge to "read the papers" in those rare cases where they do get a win.**

Award Prediction

So, a legal company which uses dodgy paperwork, files court claims with no hope of winning and has little or no understanding of the law. What's not to like for Will Hurley, who is judging the contest?

Unless of course he is jealous he did not think of it first.

The Prankster confidently expects MIL to ace the award. It is obviously made for them, in the same way that the Nick lester award for being Nick Lester was won by Nick Lester.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

**Although MIL have no viable claim, the way the legal system works in this country is that it is up to the defendant to point this out. It is not up to the judge. Therefore, if a defendant does not include all their defence points within 14/28 days of the claim being filed, it is still possible to lose a claim.


  1. The Awards seem to be run by Landor, they publish Parking Extra.

  2. Oh... Design of car parks... I should apply then as I've been designing one in the day job recently... I always allow 5.0m x 2.5m for the parking spaces not the 4.8m x 2.4m that is the minimum, or less.. that often seems to be the case in car parks where wardens are trying to make a few extra kills for bay infringements... I've not included any ANPR cameras either... Bet that wouldn't go down well at this awards ceremony... No money to be made...