Monday, 27 March 2017

Prankster Blog gets 3 millionth hit

Parking seems to be a hot topic at the moment.

The blog got its 3 millionth hit today.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. We need a celebratory prank from you, just like the old days...

  2. Wait for the Hackney verdict, then you will see something

  3. Fascinating as the blog is it just seems to be a list of court cases nowadays. It would be good to get a feel as to how the Prankster sees things today and in the future. Is the trajectory in favour of the hard pressed driver or the voracious parking pirates? What key milestones approach that could affect the direction of travel and why?

  4. Not exactly a milestone but the key sign for me and directs my direction of travel is when I got on the M1 and it says " the North" I know I am going home.

  5. Interviewing touring musicians on a radio show - the interview question that always got them chatting was "At what point on the journey do you know you are home?"

    But I agree - let's hear the Prankster's look towards the future. Especially now he has seen off one of his bĂȘtes noires.