Sunday, 5 February 2017

Worst Parking Company - Jan 2017

The worst parking company of January 2017 is Excel Parking Services. The award is based on the number of complaining motorists contacting The Prankster during the period.

Most complaints regarding Excel were due to charges being issued even though tickets were purchased, charges issued when no contravention took place, poor signage or for bullying, aggressive and misleading debt collection letters.

In second place were Link Parking. Link Parking are one of the minnows of the industry but generate a huge amount of complaints completely out of proportion to their size. Most complaints were due to Link issuing tickets to residents parking in spaces they owned.

In third place were Vehicle Control Services. Simon Renshaw-Smith can be proud that his companies take 2 of the top 3 places for awfulness. Most complaints were due to tickets issued in cases where the amount is too large for a charge issued for a trespass event, or for bullying, aggressive and misleading debt collection letters.

In fourth place were ParkingEye. Complaints ranged from double dipping (visiting the car park twice), issuing tickets in hospitals, issuing tickets within the grace period and poor signage.

UKPC complaints were mostly for tickets to residents parking in spaces they owned.

PCM(UK) complaints were mostly for scam sites such as Heath Parade.

In all, complaints were received for 30 companies, which is not bad as there are around 200 in total. Most companies never or hardly ever appear on The Prankster radar. There are only a few bad apples which turn up time and time again. Some are to be expected given their size but a few of the smaller ones regularly appear due to the particular predatory practices they employ. 

It is also the case that if The Prankster features a particular operator or car park in the blog, often other complaints about that operator or site flood in, which will influence the results.

In all, the top 3 companies account for almost half of all the complaints.

Happy Parking

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