Friday, 24 February 2017

MIL Collections discontinue claim

MIL Collections have discontinued yet another claim, this time against Ms L.

The form is signed by Chris Bartlett, MIL's head of legal, who appears to be one of the few real people who sign MIL's forms.

The claim relates to an alleged charge seemingly purchased from Capital to Coast. Once the claim was allocated to Southampton, MIL send the defendant a letter saying "It appears from your last correspondence that you don't understand the court process." and advising her to contact a solicitor.

This is always a good sign that MIL are running scared and will eventually discontinue because they know the defendant has had advice that MIL's claims are bogus and are almost guaranteed to fail in any hearing.

A few weeks later, the notice of discontinuance arrived.

Prankster Note

It is worth casting our mind back to those heady days in July 2016 when Alan Davies of MIL Collections was boasting to Parking News that he always sends advocates to hearings.

Since then the wheels have fallen off his business as it has been revealed the 'advocates' he sends often do not have right of audience, and even when they do, still lose.

And of course, as per todays case, when MIL know they are facing a robust defence, they discontinue. Strictly speaking this particular scenario would not mean Alan Davies is lying when he says he always sends advocates to hearings, but it would be a case of being economical with the truth.

It seems like Ms L did understand the court process after all, and that it was Alan Davies who did not.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster

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