Tuesday, 21 February 2017

AS Parking discontinue

AS Parking v Miss C. C6GF1V35. Truro County Court. Almost

The story:

- Vehicle was parked at Perranporth, Cornwall.
- 5th March 2016 A PCN was received on their windscreen for 'failing to display a valid ticket'
- A valid ticket was purchased, but was flipped upside down in the wind. Still displayed.
- An Appeal was issued to AS Parking 9th March 2016
- No reply was received
- No NTK received or correspondence from AS Parking
- Debt Recovery Letters were received but ignored
- 20th July Gladstones issued a Letter Before Claim
- This was responded to, including all evidence, appeals and sent recorded to both Gladstones & AS Parking.
- 8th August 2016 a County Claim Form arrives dated 4th August 2016. Still nothing from either party
- Acknowledged the claim, 28 days to defend
- A part 18 request was sent, but never responded to
- 13 September N180 form now received and a letter from Gladstones stating they wish to proceed with the claim, and requesting to be dealt on paper. No mediation.
- The court allocated a hearing on 6th January, with papers to be exchanged by 23rd Dec
- neither party exchanged any papers by the filing date, or indeed any date

On 3rd Jan Gladstones discontinued the claim

Prankster Note

AS Parking seem to come to the attention of The Prankster mostly for upside down tickets. If this is the main source of income for Kev, he probably isn't in the right business.This is not proper car park management. A proper car park company would recognise the problem and find ways to solve it, such as printing on both sides, or using tickets which stick to the windscreen.

There are also a myriad of technological ways to solve this.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster