Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Spirit from ALDI. Scrooge from ParkingEye

A motorist received a parking charge incurred while shopping at their local ALDI. Here is their report.

I just had my appeal turned down by parking eye even though I sent them proof of purchase  because they said I did not enter my registration number   but I got angry and and thanks to your blog I plucked up the courage and contacted Aldi customer services they replied within 24 hours and this was their last email to me. So I recommend getting in touch with Aldi

Thank you for your recent email containing the proof of purchase from your visit to our Blaby store. On this basis, I am happy to contact ParkingEye and get this charge cancelled.
 As you are now aware, ParkingEye manages this car park using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras that monitor cars entering and leaving the car park. It also operates a terminal in store allowing customers to enter their vehicle registration. This system is in place to ensure free parking for our customers.

I hope that this satisfactorily resolves this matter for you. We value your custom and hope that you will continue to shop with us.

Yours sincerely

Emma Wathes 

Aldi Parking Management

Aldi Customer Services
UK 0800 042 0800

Prankster Notes

An unhappy customer is a potential ex-customer. It makes no sense for ALDI to penalise their customers for parking, so it is s sensible decision to cancel the charge. The Prankster recommends that genuine ALDI customers contact ALDI customer service if their charge is not cancelled by ParkingEye.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. I think there is a minimum spend of £30 - £35, after which there's a cancellation, as long as you prostrate yourself regretfully and obsequiously in front of Rachel Organ and her Aldi based PE parkies. Just wonder how much this victim spent. It would be good to bottom out the minimum spend, to help others.

  2. If that is the case, then best not go to Aldi if you cannot be sure to spend a minimum of £30 then.

  3. Lidl's better, anyways, so there!

    1. But Athena charge you £90 for an overstay at Lidl. Parking Eye charge £70 at Aldi. Always cheaper at Aldi!

    2. ha ha the truth is at aldi sites you pay NOTHING with PE

  4. Whats the cheapest way to explore Bethlehem ? On a Lidl Donkey.

  5. don't shop at either liddle or aldii they will soon get the message

  6. What this completely misses is that you don't have to make a purchase on a particular day to be a customer. The store may not have the item you require, or you are inspecting prices for shopping around, or you forgot your wallet.

    There are plenty of reasons that you may have entered the store with the intention of making a purchase, yet came away empty handed. Until stores realise this, they will continue to annoy people by employing the likes of ParkingEye.