Saturday, 10 September 2016

Tower Road Newquay request for assistence

Does anyone have a copy of the parking tickets issued in this car park?

Do they specify a time of exit?

If so, does this relate to the time of entry to the car park, or the time of purchase of ticket?

Eg, If you enter at 14:00, purchase a ticket for one hour at 14:05, does the ticket say you must leave by 15:00, or 15:05?

Is the situation different if you pay for a top up ticket later on? Eg, if you buy a new ticket at 15:15 what does that ticket show?

Any help gratefully appreciated.

Update. I have a copy now, thanks. The tickets print the time of purchase.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. In 2013 it related to the time of purchase of the ticket. So even if you left at the time printed on the ticket you could still get a pcn. I don't know about top ups.

  2. That's how parking eye tried to get me in Hawkshead... They started their clock ticking as I entered the car park, while the pay by phone system gave me an exit time based on when I had paid, which was along time after entering as I had to set an account up etc. While I left before my ticket expired according to the text messages I got through, they said my overstay was before payment. When I provided copies of call logs and text messages which showed how long it took to set up the account and pay, and told them they were not getting any money out of me no matter what, they dropped the charge as "a gesture of good will"... Absolutely no apology, of course! I like to think my subsequent advice to people on PE and other parking companies has cost them money... all for being entirely unreasonable in the first [place... Sorry it's not the same car park...

    1. Did your case go to court? My son has a pcn. He arrived and machine on site wouldn't take his money so had to pay by phone. PCN relates to time of entry to the site. He was (with 10 mins grace), 90 odd seconds over the time.

  3. If you need any photos etc of anything Newquay related, post on the "Newer Newquay" facebook page. Lot's of people willing to help.
    When somebody posted a pic on an anpr camera destroyed in the recent storms, it gained 600+ likes within 3 hours !

  4. The VAT number on the ticket belongs to Newquay Golf Club.