Sunday, 18 September 2016

Nicola Mullany resigns as chair of ISPA

The Prankster can confirm that Nicola Mullany, chair of ISPA  resigned with immediate effect on Friday 16 September 2016.

The Prankster wishes Ms Mullany all the best. We have not always seen eye to eye, but this is to be expected. The Prankster was impressed by the way ISPA was run and accepts that the environment was challenging.

The Prankster expects that a lot of this will be going on:


and suggests that everyone waits for the official announcement before concocting too many conspiracy theories, some of which already appear to have been aired on MoneySavingExpert.

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  1. and the press release:
    It is with great regret that the ISPA board is announcing that a decision was taken at an emergency meeting of ISPA on 13 September 2016 that the board would cease its work on 23 September 2016.

    The board did not take this decision lightly as it feels since it was formed in February 2014 it has done some very good work to help to ensure the independence and effectiveness of the appeal service known as PoPLA. It has done this despite having none of the formal powers oversight bodies would normally expect to have, operating on a limited budget and working in a climate of uncertainty which meant it was never able to be sure how long it would be funded.

    In recent months, however, the board has faced a number of challenges arising out of its lack of powers and its uncertain existence. The board took the view that these challenges were so great that it could not continue to operate and should be wound up.

    ISPA has continued to lobby government to put in place an adequately funded body with legal powers of oversight. ISPA did not want to do anything that would make such a body’s establishment less likely but, in the end, concluded it would not be fair to motorists, consumers and other stakeholders to continue when it could not carry out some of its core duties.

    The board wishes to thank all those stakeholders who have contributed to the positive work it has undertaken in the past and who have supported its achievements.

    ISPA Board September 2016

    full story at parking cowboys see

  2. so ,,, lets get this straight

    the BPA hire a company that are debt collectors to handle almost 4000 appeals , this company dismiss about 80% of the appeals , because they have a vested interest in debt collection and CC , and there is no governing body to oversee this?

    this differs from the POFa 2012 and the governments wishes

  3. I think the real issue was DVLA giving the IPC ATA status with none of the checks and balances put in place for the BPA and and its POPLA service, the BPA were then out in a difficult position of having to try and compete (so as not to lose members) in the race for the bottom and ISPA trying to maintain a service (that was costing more than was really sustainable anyway).

  4. Not surprised, was toothless lion.

  5. That comment sort of......
    But you're right. All they could do was to monitor what was going on and they had nowhere to go with the results of the monitoring.

  6. BPA knows that govt. is closing in fast. I suspect charges will be set or capped.

  7. Can't see it happening.
    The Beavis case sort of capped them already.

    It's the behaviour of the PPC's that needs sorting out, not the charging structure.