Thursday, 22 September 2016

Smart Parking issue possible fraudulent parking invoice

Smart Parking have issued a parking charge to a motorist. However, the motorist has never used the car park in question, and the picture is not of his car.

Unfortunately the picture here is necessarily redacted and not of not very high quality. In the original, it is fairly obvious that the numberplate in the photos has been digitally altered

One possibility is that the plates have been cloned. However, more likely in The Prankster's opinion is that the ANPR software has incorrectly altered the numberplate.

The Prankster questions whether this is legal or whether an offence has been caused. ANPR is known to be inaccurate and there have been previous complaints about Smart Parking. they have a duty of care not to randomly harass car owners for parking charges which have not been incurred, so if their technology is not up to scratch, than it simply should not be used.

Three government has wisely banned councils from using ANPR technology, but so far has not extended this to private parking companies.

The Notomob keep an ever growing record of instances where ANPR technology has failed.

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  2. Unsurprising as they can't even tell a shopping trolley from a car.