Sunday, 4 September 2016

MIL turn up in court for no apparent reason

MIL v Mr L, Dudley County Court, 02-09-2016, C5QZ049Z

Mr L has contacted The Prankster with details of his recent court hearing against MIL. His defence was prepared with the aid of HO87, and Mr Wilkie was his lay representative.

On the day MIL sent a solicitor, Mr Hayes who offered to withdraw the claim prior to the hearing. Mr L accepted.

Prankster Note

It does seem rather ridiculous to pay a solicitor £200+ to turn up and withdraw a claim. Any sensible person would have withdrawn the claim mor ethan 7 days befor ethe hearing, thus also saving the £25 hearing fee.

The possible explanation is that MIL were fully prepared to go on with the claim until they discovered Mr Wilkie was the lay representative. This would imply MIL are so scared of Mr Wilkie they would do anything rather than face him in court.

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  1. Nice to see that HO87 has been promoted to HO97 for his efforts. LOL

  2. An offer to drop can't be passed by without some trepidation, however in this case I feel it would have been good to refuse and have then taken to task by the judge.

  3. Perhaps Mr Hayes was simple stranded at the court after a previous case, the MILmobile being a notoriously unreliable method of transport.