Monday, 18 January 2016

ParkingEye fraudulently charging yet again. Morrisons car park this time

ParkingEye continue to issue fraudulent charges from their flawed ANPR systems. This newpaper report details the story of a 78 year old pensioner who visited Morrisons in Chorlton twice in two days. He picked up some groceries in the afternoon of 4th November and returned next morning to do some more shopping. ParkingEye's blundering ANPR system sent him a bill for staying overnight.

Mr Bloohn appealed to ParkingEye who refused to accept his story.

They only relented when CCTV pictures of his car parked overnight became available. However, many people will have fallen victim to this scam by ParkingEye, who continue to use ANPR when they are fully aware of its failings. Not everyone will have the luxury of CCTV images which can back up their story, and ParkingEye have hounded several people to court despite no contraventions actually occurring.

Here is the typical text ParkingEye use in such cases.

As you can see, ParkingEye are masters of trying to deceive the court, wittering on about NTP and the mythical 19 stage checking process (which has never been detailed, despite multiple requests), when the nub of the matter, which they hope the court does not realise, is that ANPR does not have X-Ray vision so a failure will occur whenever two cars drive too close.

Prankster Note

The Prankster has many times shown proof that ParkingEye's ANPR is not accurate and issues tickets when no contraventions occur. A while back, ParkingEye tried to shut the Prankster up, threatening him with legal action for defamation for suggesting their ANPR is not fit for purpose.

The Prankster replied that truth is an absolute defence against defamation and ParkingEye shut up. Eventually.

The NoToMob have been collecting evidence about faulty ANPR on this thread. The Prankster suggests that anyone facing a court case where they visited twice but ParkingEye claim they visited once prints out the entire thread and files it as evidence.

Meanwhile, Barry Beavis's petition regarding the level of parking charges has hit 8,000 votes and needs another 2,000 to get a parliamentary response. Click on the link to read the petition and add your vote.

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  1. Sort of funny too that most ANPR cameras are infra red so can't even tell a shopping trolley from a car. It's only the registration plate that is highlighted and of course there's no proof that a vehicle is attached to the plate is there?

  2. gosh would someone be "smart" enough to blatantly try doing that

    oh yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. It actually says "up to 19 stages", so it could be as low as 1.

  4. Typo, at the end of"anyone facing a court case where they visited twice but ParkingEye claim they visited twice" I think you meant to say "once".

  5. They need stopping, DVLA are making a fortune selling our data, I got a parkingeye charge at a hospital even though I paid at the meeter for the time I was there, I entered the correct fee and reg no so hadn't broken their so called contact yet still got a PCN, so DVLA must have sold my details without reasonable cause, I'm in the process of dealing with it, thank goodness I had the thought to keep my receipt from the meter as proof,