Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Are ParkingEye's systems reliable?

The Prankster gets regular mail from motorists who say they purchased a ticket from a ParkingEye car park...then a few days later get charged for not buying a ticket. The trouble is, by that time they have lost or discarded the ticket. No matter what they say to ParkingEye, their pleas fall on stony hearts; ParkingEye refuse to believe a ticket has been purchased. If the motorist does nothing then ParkingEye carry on to court, charging them all told £200 or more for allegedly failing to buy a ticket.

But are ParkingEye's systems reliable? And if not, how many motorists are being charged hundreds of pounds due to ParkingEye's shoddy systems?

Here is one example. The motorist parked in Swiss Cottage London, which offers £10 all day parking.

The motorist purchased a ticket for £10 within 3 minutes of arriving, and entered their correct registration number.

ParkingEye, for reasons only known to them, issued a parking charge.

This motorist was lucky and kept a copy of their ticket. They were also lucky ParkingEye wrote to the correct address. ParkingEye have been known to write repeatedly to the wrong address, file a claim at court and get a CCJ. This motorist could well have found themselves unable to get a mortgage or run a business due to errors in ParkingEye's systems.

The big question of course is, how broken are ParkingEye's systems and how often do errors like this occur?

It seems there is a continuing problem at this location

Booked through Park Here and yes its very convenient for Central College etc, followed the instructions and then two weeks later i get a demand for £100 from the well known scammers Parking Eye with a photo of my reg entering the car park. Contacted Park here by phone ( don't bother emailing) and was asked to scan in the demand. They seemed a bit upset that i called parking Eye scammers so I got suspicious about the two working the scam together - i emailed them the demand as requested but heard nothing so can only assume they work together to scam motorists - the demands have gon in the bin as they have no legal basis anyway - dont use this car park please
Be very wary of using this car park. We just pulled into car park slip road see what they charge and decided not to park, but have now been issued with a fine notice for £120

Here is another example.

In this case the motorist stayed 2 hours in a car park free for 3 hours...and still got a ticket from ParkingEye.

Prankster Note

If you purchased a correct ticket and ParkingEye are taking you to court, feel free to file the above evidence to show how unreliable ParkingEye's systems are.

If you think that parking companies should only issue charges when there is a reason, and should not issue bogus charges whenever they feel like it, sign Barry Beavis's petition asking the government to take action.

Alternatively, if you are happy to get a CCJ when you have done nothing wrong, please ignore this.

Happy Parking

The Parking Prankster


  1. Check the PE NtK - the top right hand box shows 'Date of Event: 05/01/16' (fifth January) The rest of the NtK (and the P&D ticket) relate to 06/01/16 (sixth January).

    Something clearly unreliable with ParkingEye's systems.

    1. I think that is just the resolution of the image. I checked the original PCN and the date is 6/1/16.

  2. My Seiko Chronograph is ParkingEye resistant to a depth of 100m. Unfortunately, the parking space was 102m from the entrance : (

  3. On A side note PP, can you get hold of the pepipoo admin? the site is still not working for the majority of users.


  5. I'm in the same boat. Was attracted by the £10 day rate, paid for £10, have the ticket and credit card statement. ParkingEYE sent a notice. Confused, I appealed with evidence. They declined so I appealed, I didn't buy the right amount. I then appealed to Parking-Here and they said our "rates clearly state £2 per hour or part thereof". Then, thoroughly confused, I asked about the £10 advertisement and was told that's by phone or pre-booked only, but I can pay £35 late payment and Parking-Here will appeal to cancel the notice. WOW!